Axiel Smoke Exhaust Fans F400

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Axiel Smoke Exhaust Fans F400

Casing fabricated from steel sheet

Impeller is produced from aluminium alloy material, injection moulding(F400)

Adjustable pitch blades

Airstream is from motor to impeller

Hot – dipped galvanized or electrostatic oven drying

Classified with EN12101-3 standard

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Designed for high pressure and airflow application areas with galvanized steel body and aerofoil blades. Aluminium alloy moulded blades materials suitable with high efficiency adjustable blades.

Smoke extraction fans certified with EN12101-3 standards, H class isolation and F400 Heat resistance classified motors. Suitable to design for reversible operate in case of demand.

Supply, three Phases motors which suitable to use VFD. Our Axial smoke exhaust fans also handy designed to use outdoor and Vertical-Horizontal applications. Manufacturing/Supplying with anti-vibration sets and flanges for Pod-Silencer or without Pod-Silencer connection for both sides.

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