Desert Cooler

Desert Cooler is made to bring you a breath of fresh and clean air. It has designed specifically for hot environments.

How Does It Work?

Because water’s transfer coefficient is high, its evaporation tendency is thus high and absorbs heat from its surrounding during evaporation. When water contacts with air, desert cooler cools air by taking heat from it and the amount of water vapor in air increases. And the logic of evaporative cooling ensures the air to be cooled down by making the air contact with high water amount as much as possible.


• 100 % Fresh Air, 100% Comfort
• Operation costs are approximately 90 % lower than traditional air conditioning systems
• Installation costs are approximately 50 % cheaper than traditional air conditioning systems
• It has no compressor circuit, resulting in a low maintenance system
• No harmful refrigerants are used
• The circulation cleans out the bacteria and endotoxins in immediate surroundings
•Because of the subtle humidifying effect, it increases personal comfort
• The system employs a cyclical process: no natural resources are wasted
• Easily transferrable: installation is simple, light and easy
• Low carbon emission, no harmful substances and no wasted water make the system one of the most environmentally friendly choices available on the market

For more information about the products, you can take a look at the presentation prepared by Cvsair.

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