Vertical Roof Fan

Electrostatic painting

Galvanized steel sheet casing

Vertical discharge, radial impellers

IP54 protection class

F class vertical discharge insulation

Three-phased motors

Easy set – up

Electro static painting is the efficient and economic way of painting. In electro static painting, positive and negative charges are stuck to the surface of metal and with help of the heat powders will cover the metal surface. Therefore the finish layer will be smooth, hard and easy to control. Cvsair vertical roof fans are painted in that way. Galvanized steel sheet casing provides long service life. Galvanize ( zinc ) layers are oxidized before metal layer and corrosion reactions will never reach to that layers. Vertical discharge feature provides up-down control of the air. Thre-phased motors are suitable to operate with frequency inverters. Air flow can easily be directed with the double speed engines on demand. Roof fans are designed to be smoothly removable, installable, assemble and dissamble. They can be mounted very easily and quickly so it saves a lot of time and energy.

There are seven different types of  Vertical Roof Fans; RV – 200, RV – 250, RV – 315, RV – 355, RV – 400, RV – 450, RV – 500. For the version of RV – 200; voltage is 230 ( V ), power is 60 ( W ), current is 0,27 ( A ), frequency is 50 Hz, speed is 2500 ( revolutions per minute ), airflow is 540 cubic meter for hour and condenser is 2 ( µf ). Air flow is measured as 540 cubic meter per hour. For the version of RV – 500; voltage is 400 ( V ), power is 1500 ( W ), current is 2,60 ( A ), frequency is 50 Hz, speed is 1400 ( revolutions per minute ), air flow is measured 9500 cubic meter for hour. 

For more information about the products, please check out the presentation prepared by Cvsair.