Heat Recovery Unit

Compact and slim design

Easy assembling and maintenance

G4 class synthetic fiber filter

High quality indoor air

Insulated special inner surface

Thermal and sound insulation

Can be used in commercial, industrial, residental areas

Electric heater, air quality sensor, duct type silencer on demand

Heat recovery units are manufactured from galvanized steel sheets and they are designed to acquire highest internal air quality and provide energy conservation. Plug fan models, provides 5 speed – 9 speed proportional (stepless) working capacity with direct fans. The design of the unit benefits in many aspects such as energy, time, resource usage. With the help of compact and slim design, it is very easy assemble and disassemble unit parts therefore time is saved.  Design of the unit also contribute the maintenance issue, more work can be done with fewer resources. G4 class synthetic fiber filter is used for dust particles filtering and it provides high quality indoor air. Inner surfaces are covered with the isolation material and isolation layers help to save great amount of energy.

Conductivity and performance of Cvsair heat recovery units provide efficient heat transfer between hot and cold air flow with high aluminium plate heat exchangers. Thus, heat recovery units provide great convenience and wide execution in universal, commercial, industrial air conditioning and ventilation applications. Units can also be used in offices, hospitals, cafeterias, schools, restaurants, plazas, markets, etc. Fresh air supply and exhaust fans are activated seperately with electronic card control which is designed specially in Cvsair heat recovery units. Electronic card control helps to connect to building automation system. Electric heater, air quality sensor or duct type silencer can be added to unit on demand.

For more information about the products, please check out the presentation prepared by Cvsair.