Shelter Fan

Outer casing fabricated from galvanized steel sheet

By – pass dampered

Maintenance cover

Backward curved blade radial fan

G4 filter, radioactive filter, carbon filter, lead separator

There are many natural or unnatural disasters in life, at such times people can start living in bunkers and bunkers need to be ventilated for human life. Shelter fans are used to evacuate polluted air and supply air to people living in shelters in extraordinary situations such as earthquake, fire,avalanche, lanslide and wars. It is not known how long natural disasters will last, so devices in the shelters must be robust and durable. Fans blades and casing are manufactured from galvanized sheet and galvanize layers protect fan from corrosion. There is by-pass damper between the parts of fans. Blades angle is adjustable for the maximum air flow efficiency. Fan blades used in devices are choosen as a backward curved for the air flow. Heat isolation makes the shelter fan very efficient for heat abduction. Fan is suitable for continuous operation.

In ordinary times fresh air is sent from G-4 panel filter to shelter. On the other hand, in exceptional circumstances and times, fresh air is passed through nuclear, biological, chemical gases, activated carbon filter, hepa filter and lead seperator to safely reach to people. Special filters are not used in ordinary times. Fans are selected and designed by considering the maximum efficiency and optimisation.


There are three versions of shelter fans SKS – 30, SKS – 60, SKS – 90, SKS – 120. For version of SKS – 30; airflow for cubic meter per hour is 1300, power is 0,75 ( kW ), voltage is 380 ( V ) and frequency is 50 Hz. For version of SKS – 60; airflow for cubic meter per hour is 3600, power is 1,5 ( kW ), voltage is 380 ( V ) and frequency is 50 Hz.

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