Axial Jet Fan

Double speed motor for daily ventilation and in case of fire

Galvanized steel sheet casing ( TS EN ISO 1461 )

Wire shield and integrated deflector

Outside terminal box

Highly efficient IE2 motors with Class-H insulation and IP55 protection

EN12101-3 certified

With the silencers

Axial jet fan systems provide the air, smoke or harmful exhaust gases to be delivered to the outlet in a controlled manner with the help of the low pressure areas created by itself. As the air flow reaches high speed, the flow rate increases and maximum efficiency is achieved. With the use of axial jet fan systems, there is no need for operations such as grille and diffuser placement or duct installation. Thanks to jet fan systems, revision operations in architectural and mechanical project phases are easier. Unique fan design provides flexibility and ease of installation and prevents loss of time in maintenance and repair operations.

Cvsair axial jet fans are used in daily ventilation as well as being able to operate in double speed in case of fire. Engines with a rotational speed of 1440 rpm in daily use reaches 2880 rpm with the sign of carbon monoxide and smoke sensors in case of fire. Axial jet fans are manufactured in F300 ( 300 C° / 120 min ) and F400 ( 400 C° / 120 min) strength classes according to EN 12101-3 / Smoke and Heat Control Systems standard. There is a protective wire to protect the motor and the device from particles at suction side and integrated covers for directing the air efficiently at the both suction and outlet side.


Fans are produced with silencers at both back and fronts sides to absorve the sound. With aerofoil blade design, fans operate at a low noise level with maximum thrust. Produced with the diameters of 315, 355, 400 mm and 40, 50, 80N thrust power. The devices are equipped with a protective coating layer and terminal boxes of the fans are also manufactured fire-resistant.

For more information about the products, please check out the presentation prepared by Cvsair.