Circular Inline Duct Fan

Special plastered metal casing

Long lasting bearing

Suitable for speed control

IP54-class motor protection

Thermal protection on demand

Mono-phase motor

High quality galvanized sheet

High efficiency backward impeller

Circular inline duct fans are produced from high quality galvanized sheet. Fans become resistant to oxidation with the galvanized coating and become durable for a long time. Fan casing is highly resistant to corrosion reactions. Due to the high resistance, fans last for a long time. Cvsair circular inline duct fans can be used for both smoke exraction ( aspiration ) and fresh air supply ( ventilation ) depending on the installation direction.

Circular shaped fans provides flexibility and ease of installation and also fans can be mounted vertically and horizontally. Those features help to prevent loss of time in maintenance and repair operations.

Circular inline duct fans are manufactured in F300 ( 300 °C/ 120 min ) and F400 ( 400 °C / 120 min) strength classes according to the EN 12101-3 / Smoke and Heat Control Systems standard. Optional speed controller can be added for flow control on demand. The devices are equipped with a protective coating layer and terminal boxes of the fans are also manufactured fire-resistant.

There are four different versions of circular duct fans; D-150, D-200, D-250, D-315. For the version of D-150; voltage is 230, power is 110 w, current is 0,17 ( A ), frequency is 50 Hz, speed is 2150 rpm ( revolutions per minute ) and weight is 4,8 kilogram.

The external diameter of fan is 322 millimeter and the internal diameter is 149 millimeter. Height of the D-150 version is 220 millimeter. Air flow at 300 Pa pressure is measured as 200 cubic meters per hour.

For more information about the products, please check out the presentation prepared by Cvsair.