Double Inlet Cabinet Fan

Acoustic and thermal insulation


Easy maintanence

Double suction

Backward or forward impeller on demand

Different angular design on demand

Cvsair double inlet cabinet fans are produced to be acouistic and thermal resistant. With the sound protective layers, sound affects are minimized therefore people in the area can work more easily and comfortably. High resistance helps fans to last for a long time. Thermal isolation prevents energy lost and provides eco – friendly working area. Double inlet cabinet fans are manufactured according to EN 12101-3 / Smoke and Heat Control Systems standard. Devices contain belt-driven motors. Backward or forward curved impellers can be mounted on demand of clients. Thanks to the design of the fans, maintenance and repairs can be done quickly and easily.

Vehicle and human traffic in commercial and industrial areas is very high. The air we breathe in the buildings gets dirty quickly and needs to be cleaned. As a solution double inlet cabinet fans are usually used for extracting polluted air and supplying fresh air. There are also different types of fans with the different blade angle on purpose. Motor bearing is maintanence-free and long lasting. In addition to that, all the dimensional tolerances of the fan shafts are completely adjusted to provide precise mounting.

There are seven different versions of double inlet cabinet fans from CVS – BOX – 180 to CVS – BOX – 355. For the version of CVS – BOX – 180; Minimum kW is 0,1 and maximum kW  is 1,1. Minimum airflow for cubic meter per hour is 140 and maximum is 3500. The width of cabinet fan is 560 millimeter, length is 710 millimeter and the height is 560 millimeter.

For more information about the products, please check out the presentation prepared by Cvsair.